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  • 羟乙基六氢均三嗪
  • 羟乙基六氢均三嗪



Performance and Use: 

Hydroxyethyl hexahydro-s-triazine is a new type of oilfield chemical product, which has two major uses at present. One is used as crude oil desulfurizer, the other is used as mildew proof and bactericide.

Technical index:

Method of application:

When the product is used as a desulfurizer, the dosage shall be determined according to the sulfur content of the oil on site; when used as an anti mildew and bactericide, the dosage shall be determined according to different operation sites. The recommended dosage on the general site is: 0.05 ~ 0.1% for pulp, 0.1 ~ 0.5% for metalworking fluid, and 3 ~ 5% for concentrated solution, The commonly used amount of waterborne latex paint is about 0.2%, and the commonly used amount of detergents is 0.2~0.3%, and the amount of lubricating oil emulsion is usually 1~3%.

Packaging and storage:

The product is packed in 200l clean and dry iron drum. During storage and transportation, keep away from fire source, place in a cool and ventilated place and prevent water from entering. Loading and unloading should be carried out with care to prevent damage to the packaging barrel. The shelf life of this product is two years.

Safety and protection:

When using the product, the staff should wear work clothes, rubber gloves and eye mask to avoid splashing into the mouth and eyes. If it is accidentally splashed, it should be washed with clean water in time. If it is serious, seek medical treatment in time. No fireworks are allowed in the workplace.

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